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Wellbeing in the Muslim Community & the Impact of Islamophobia, 20th March 2016

Saturday 20th March 2016, Harrow Central Mosque & Masood Islamic Centre 34 Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2SQ

The event will provide attendees with:

Information about depression and the different types of support that can be provided to individuals

Islamophobia and the impact it has on the Muslim community’s wellbeing

Information about how faith is relevant to wellbeing

Islamic Approaches to Psychology and Psychotherapy: 5-day course, 13th April 2015

Islamic Psychology Course


The Cambridge Muslim College is offering a week-long programme, introducing Western-trained mental health professionals to the philosophy and methodology of psychology from an Islamic perspective. 

Dates: Monday 13 April to Friday 17 April 2015

Venue: Cambridge Muslim College, Cambridge CB1 2EZ

Course trainer: Professor Rasjid Skinner, consultant clinical psychologist at Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford and visiting professor of clinical psychology at the University of Karachi.  Evening sessions will also be offered, with Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad, Hakim Salim Khan and Rabia Malik, on related topics.

Fees:               £500 for those whose fees are covered by their employer

£350 for those who are self-funding

The course fee includes breakfast, lunch and supper and the provision of accommodation in Cambridge.  A discount of £100 will be offered to those who can arrange their own accommodation.

Participants: The course is aimed at mental health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, researchers and counsellors, and will also be useful for Imams, Alims, Muftis and chaplains.

Testimonials: Participants who attended the course in September 2014 gave outstandingly positive feedback, with 100% rating their experience ‘excellent’.  Their comments included: ‘there was not a moment where I was not intrigued’, ‘a superb overview of the subject’, ‘well-structured and comprehensive’, an immensely knowledgeable and personable tutor’, ‘an amazing experience to have learnt from an experienced psychotherapist and, more importantly, from an Islamic perspective.’

Applications: To apply, please email to

Muslim Doctors Association Annual Dinner

Join us for an inspirational evening in an exquisite setting to mark the 10 year anniversary of the Muslim Doctors Association. Celebrate the contribution of doctors and healthcare professionals from a Muslim background to healthcare all across the United Kingdom. 
An evening of networking, meeting other health professionals, business opportunities and taking part in our exciting forthcoming campaigns. With our high profile guest speakers, fine dining and entertainment, this event is one not to be missed! Bring your friends and family for an enjoyable and dynamic evening.

A one day course organised by Medical Justice.

The aim of this course is gain an understanding of the health and legal needs of asylum seekers and other immigration detainees. Whilst the focus is on persons detained, the skills learnt can be used in other work with asylum seekers and refugees, as well as Medico-legal report writing. Participants will have a basic understanding and experience of the needs of immigration detainees and/or care of asylum seekers in the community, and will be doctors, nurses, midwives and psychologists.

Medical Justice

South Asian Mental Health Stigma Event, 25th March 2014

Overcoming Stigma in Mental Health

The Muslim Doctors Association are supporting an event on the 25th March 2014 on ‘Understanding and Overcoming Mental Health Stigma in the South Asian Community in the UK’. The event is organised by the British Asian Policy Sphere and will include clinical case studies and expert views, with some very prominent figures in the mental health arena, such as Dr Geraldine Srathdee- National Clinical Director for Mental Health Services, NHS England. The event is part of a wider strategy that will aim to to address this significant social challenge in the UK.