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The Lancet: COVID 19: global consequences for oncology

The Lancet outlines the global consequences for COVID-19. Patients with cancer are at a high risk group in the COVID-19 pandemic and for those that develop COVID-19 will have their treatment prioritised. 

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The Royal College of Radiologists

The Royal College of Radiologists provides COVID-19 clinical information, cancer treatment documents and oncology resources. They provide advice on non-urgent cancer imaging during the coronavirus pandemic and also on personal protective equipment (PPE) for oncology departments and teams. 

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Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines

Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines provides temporary guidance related to end of life care during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes end of life care guidance when a person is imminently dying from COVID-19, 5care planning for COVID-19 and alternatives to regular medication normally given via a syringe pump when it is unavailable.

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About Us

The Muslim Doctors Association is a non-profit, voluntary organisation founded in 2004. Our team of doctors, dentists and allied health professionals work within local communities to empower and support individuals to lead healthier lives. 

Our mission, by using faith and culturally sensitive methods, is to inspire physical, spiritual and emotional well-being amongst local communities and in particular, minority populations within the United Kingdom.

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