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The Muslim Doctors Association is a non-profit, voluntary organisation founded in 2004. Our team of doctors, dentists and allied health professionals work within local communities to empower and support individuals to lead healthier lives. Our mission, by using faith and culturally sensitive methods, is to harness the opportunities that exist to inspire physical, spiritual and emotional well-being amongst minority populations within the United Kingdom.


  • Muslim Doctors Association & Dean Dentists Team
  • Basic Life Support Training
  • Teaching dental and oral hygiene
  • Interactive and fun health advice
  • Muslims Give Blood Campaign, in collaboration with Young Planners
  • BLS Training, bringing health education to local communities
  • Health Checks and Consultations
  • MDA Lecture on entrance exams to Medical School, Imperial College London
  • Seminar on Heart Disease and Obesity
    Interactive health seminars, bringing health education to local communities